Valuations and advice

If you are looking to buy or sell a home Kolpa Taxatie en Advies can quickly and competently determine the value of your property. We also specialise in the valuation of business and industrial premises in the broadest sense.

As an estate agent that issues property valuation reports we are affiliated with the Netherlands Home Valuation Institute (NWWI) and the Taxateurs Unie and iValidatie valuation validation institutes. Mortgage lenders usually require a property valuation report that has been approved by one of these organisations. Kolpa Makelaars produces valuation reports for all lenders in the Rijnmond region.

Our rates are competitive:


Valuation fee

Including validation



Up to € 300,000

€ 540,00

€ 590,00

From € 300,000 to € 500,000

€ 590,00

€ 650,00

From € 500,000

To be agreed


All fees quoted above are inclusive of VAT.


Click here to request a NWWI valuation by Kolpa Makelaars


Quotation of valuation fees for business premises or investment properties can be arranged by appointment.